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The CARES Act - Details That May Impact You

The CARES Act - Details That May Impact You

April 03, 2020
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Legislation recently passed to deal with the COVID-19 crisis: “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” or “CARES Act”

CARES Act - Provides Benefits to Individuals and Families:

  • Cash payments to individuals ($1200) or married couples ($2400) by direct deposit or check within next few weeks
  • Income limits of $75,000/$150,000 graduated up to $99,000/$198,000 to receive cash payment
  • Social Security recipients will receive cash payments as well (the same way they receive their Social Security payment)
  • Sec. 2201. 2020 Recovery Rebates For Individuals


CARES Act - Specifically Addresses Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs):


CARES Act -  Allows Hardship Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts with No Early Withdrawal Penalty:

  • Waiver of 10% penalty if withdrawn prior to age 59 ½
  • For COVID-19 Related Hardship withdrawals Not to Exceed $100,000/year (for 3 years)
  • Tax Liability can be stretched over a period of 3 Tax years starting with the Calendar Year distribution is taken
  • Funds can be Repaid into Retirement Account Any Time During 3 year period Beginning the day after Distribution was received
  • Please consult your CPA or Tax Professional to discuss your specific tax situation
  • Sec. 2202. Special Rules For Use Of Retirement Funds


CARES Act - Expands Unemployment Criteria and Benefits:


CARES Act - Provides Relief to College Graduates:


CARES Act - Provides Small Business Benefits and Programs:

To read the full text of the Bill, please click the link below.


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