Ella C. Macken

Client Services Manager

Ella Macken is an integral part of the Expanse Wealth Management team. She enjoys facilitating operations, and is responsible for back office processes and communication. She recently transitioned into the role of Executive Assistant, and is excited to help the leaders of the team in growing and bettering the business. Ella was born in Omaha and recently graduated from Elkhorn South High School. She is Shawn Macken’s oldest daughter, and the second of five children. She loves having a big family with lots of crazy to go around. In her free time, Ella enjoys creating art, reading, gardening, and spending a lot of time outdoors. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends any chance she gets.

Ella acts as a non-registered associated person of Waddell & Reed.  She is authorized to assist Advisors with Waddell & Reed with approved activities.  She is prohibited from soliciting, creating a market or account for any securities, investment advisory or insurance services.  These activities are the sole responsibility of the Advisor(s) she supports.  In addition, she is not authorized to enter into any contractual obligations on behalf of Waddell & Reed, or otherwise bind the firm.